Moving In/Out

Please ensure the following steps are taken prior to moving in or out of the building or moving any large items such as furniture through the common property.

How to make a booking

To make a booking please download the form below and return by email to The Building Manager can be contacted Monday to Friday on 0478 812 939 from 8:00am to 4:00pm. This building manager will fit the lift with curtains so that the lift is not damaged whilst bulky or awkward items are moved. A pre and post inspection will be carried out. The person/s requesting the move will be responsible for any additional cleaning or damage recorded as a result of the move.

Removalist Trucks

Your Building Manager will advise you of the best position for the removalist truck to park. Please advise your removalist company that vehicles above 2.1 metres cannot park in the underground parking and will need to park in the designated parking area at the front of the building. Bookings are essential to ensure this spot is made available to you for the day of the move.

Waste Removal

All waste materials including packaging, paper, styrofoam and cardboard boxes from your move needs to be appropriately disposed of in the designated waste and recycling area located near the underground parking. Please flatten any boxes before placing in the recycling bins.

Lift Dimensions

The lift has the approximate dimensions: 2500mm high x 1400mm wide x 1900mm deep.

The door opening is 900mm wide.

Common Property Surfaces

Each owner/occupier of a lot is required to provide at least one weeks’ notice in writing to the Building Manager whenever moving in or out by completing the Moving in/out form.

The written notice will be accompanied with a deposit of $500 towards potential damage to the common property. The deposit will be refunded subject to deduction to make good any damage caused to the common property. If a deposit is not paid the amount of the deposit will be levied against the owner’s account and become due and payable immediately.

Please be mindful when moving heavy or bulky objects through the common property and take extra care in order not to knock or damage any fire equipment protruding from the ceiling such as smoke detectors, sprinkler heads or emergency lighting. Knocking or damaging this equipment could set off the fire warning system. False alarms carry a fine of at least $1600 which is recoverable from the person/s requesting the move.

Ensure items being moved have been appropriately wrapped with soft coverings to avoid scuffing, scratching, chipping or damaging any of the common property walls, floors or door frames.

Heavy items should never be dragged across the floor as this could damage the carpets and tiles.

Confirm that the lift curtains have been installed prior to moving any items and contact your Building Manager immediately if they have not been installed.

Any questions?

Please contact Samantha Repice, Building Manager, Noble Management Available Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm or anytime by Email: Mob: 0478 812 939